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False Flag for Dummies

A False flag is used to start the barrage of lies.

Bombarding your mind with none stop Cries.

“Your either with us or your a terrorist”

No genius needed to see, it’s just Divisionist.

“go get some revenge on Osama and his bogey men”.

The battle line are drawn, us against them.

All because the Taliban destroyed the opium.

Research the facts before you believe,

so next time it is done, you won’t be deceived

USS Liberty attacked by Israel –

Operation Northwoods –

Gulf Of Tonkin –


This is an opinion based on all the research and studying I’ve done since I realized that I was once as blind and asleep as the people I was trying to awaken and cure.  I can’t even say that I myself am cured but I know for certain that I am awake and as scary and as deep as the rabbit hole goes, I’d rather be awake facing the horror of reality than to be a socially, chemically controlled person living in denial.

Ignorance of the masses isn’t going to get your freedom back once they take them all. The people making videos on youtube, google, and blogging aren’t doing it to become famous or win an award. These people get attacked by the disease every time they try and merely voice their opinion. Then when they can back the opinion up…….look out. The anger sets in and either one of two things happens, you shake your head and turn the other way or you instinctively start the denial campaign. The term conspiracy theory itself is at the base of being a patriot. To question what doesn’t make sense and defies common sense is the exact reason you are the free thinking person you are intended to be. The problem is that we learned at a young age that government isn’t to be questioned and even if you have a thought….what can you do about it.

This is a cry for help to get people to step away from the TV and the force fed media propaganda that is shoved down our throats on a daily basis. This cry for help wouldn’t be on such deaf ears if not for the propaganda working as planned, a virus just eating away the mass it has infected. While you are in a trance with your day to day, the elitist that are behind everything that you are so self-consumed with daily, are tightening the noose and you don’t even see. Your come back is usually, “Yea I know the Government is corrupt, but what can I do about it”. Surely sitting on the couch after work and watching your favorite shows and maybe playing your favorite video game till you sleep is the best idea. Research things and ask questions. Once you start digging for things, that rabbit hole just becomes a quest for knowledge and a desire to be free from the disease our founding fathers warned us about.

If by chance someone comes along and try’s to show you what you don’t see, the virus does what it’s intended to do….fight back, you naturally retaliate with whether it be subtle or over the top, some sort of defensive remark (are you nuts, where is your foil hat?). These comments are funny but realize that ridicule is a defense mechanism. Think about that next time and you might just start listening a little. This just like everything is better in small doses to avoid shock and denial. What you learn will scare you and enrage you but millions of people are awakening and realizing that they can overcome the oppression and tyranny when they stand together as one. It isn’t pretty and even if you can say “yea I am aware or awake” then what are you doing to help educate and awaken your fellow man/women?

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